Actual Reviews From Patients

"I struggled with panic disorder and agoraphobia for years with what seemed like no relief! Dr. LaMotte is so attentive and makes me feel safe. She has brought so much hope and light into my life with every visit! After every visit I always feel lighter and look forward to my week. I have grown so much since the beginning of our sessions . I'm able to leave my house more often with little to no symptoms! She has taught me the tools I need to be able to grow and enjoy my life again! So grateful."

"Very pleasant doctor, What matter to me the most was that my daughter likes her and that there is chemistry between them. Gladly everything was there and we have scheduled our talk therapy. Thank you Dr. LaMotte."

"Dr. LaMotte worked very well with my son and I ... my son does not like talking to many people but really enjoyed speaking and felt comfortable which is very important. She was understanding and never felt as if she was judging our situation. I also myself see her. She is amazing and takes her time :)"

"I would have to say I just started working with Dr. LaMotte and I do love my Dr. She is amazing.  Keeps it real and is really helping me become a better mom, but even better a better me.  More independent learning to problem solve.  I feel so releaved when I leave her office.  She is perfect for any age.  She is the best therapist I have ever worked with."

"Dr LaMotte is excellent. I’m no longer taking medication because she showed me how to manage my depression without them. Thank you Dr LaMotte”