At Empower Me Clinical Practice, we believe in helping our patients focus on discovering their own solutions through empowerment and education. This type of therapy gives the patient the power to build upon their strengths by focusing on solutions rather than problems. Dr. LaMotte uses a variety of techniques in therapy to find what will work best for the patient. These techniques are likely to include dialogue, interpretation, cognitive processes, EMDR, re-framing, psychoeducation, behavior modification, self-monitoring, journaling, awareness exercises, visualization, and other thought stopping and mindfulness techniques.

Licensed Clinician/Psychotherapist/Owner of Empower Me Clinical Practice, LLC

Dr. Selena LaMotte DSW, LCSW, C-ACYFSW

Dr. LaMotte is a Doctor of Social Work; Licensed Clinical Social Worker; Trained EMDR Therapist; Psychotherapist; Trained Hypnotherapist; Certified Holistic Nutritionist; Certified Advanced Children, Youth, and Family Social Worker; and an adjunct professor with a Certificate in Child Welfare from Florida Atlantic University.  She spent 17 years working with at-risk youth, families, and groups within the criminal justice system. She also has extensive experience working with individuals in law enforcement settings.  Dr. LaMotte’s clinical experience includes working with children, youth, and adults with mild to severe mental health, behavioral health, and substance abuse/use issues in a variety of settings (private practice, criminal justice system, school system, law enforcement, hospital, etc.). 

Dr. LaMotte’s passion for empowering others goes beyond her patients. She spent over 14 years supervising and training social work interns, case managers, as well as others in the human services field. She continuously seeks to gain more skills and broaden her education, not only for the benefit of her patients, but also for those she provides supervision and training to.  Dr. LaMotte believes that change happens with opportunity and empowerment.